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Quality Assurance

Establish and improve current coaching and playing environment in Australian football. 


Provide benchmarked bespoke coach education and player development programs cost effectively.

High Performance

Provide an all-round high performance environment, tailored to the specific need and resources available to the club.

Dynamic Sports Solutions


Dynamic Sports Solutions was established in early 2016 out of a need for greater transparency and objectivity in sport’s player & coach development programs, none more so than in football, the world game.

At the professional level, clubs can afford to have full-time staff dedicated to evaluating and auditing their current programs as well as programs and staff that they are considering introducing. However at the next level below, in which there are often former professional players and staff that are biding their time waiting for the next opportunity, there is a gulf in professionalism, support and objectivity.

Although circumstances such as the recent firing off the Newcastle Jets coaching staff do happen in professional football, these occurrences are much more common at the National Premier Leagues level and community and state league football below that.

Where Dynamic Sports Solutions can assist is to provide objective and specific feedback on the following:

  • existing players & coaches
  • existing player & coach development programs
  • the best fit programs – coach and/or players for your club’s culture, environment, expectations and budget
  • support for current programs
  • assist committees in making decisions that will help their club in the long term
  • recruitment of players & coaches to fit your clubs model
  • programs to streamline communication & administration
  • provide feedback on areas of improvement in regards to club’s culture, facilities and other areas that cam impact positively or negatively on field.

These areas are often overseen by volunteer’s and committee members (through no fault of their own) who lack the experience and knowledge to make effective decisions that will improve the running and success of their club in the long term.

If your club would like more information in regards to making improvements for the 2016/2017 season please contact James on 0401 282 951

Football Youth Development in Australia – Are the right questions being asked?

The development of young footballers in Australia is a hotly debated topic amongst its many stakeholders. With new programs, coaching methodologies, courses and competitions introduced over the last 10 years, the question needs to be asked whether we have been successful in this area or not, and if not what even are the KPI’s for success.

The National Curriculum (NC) and its updates as well as The Football Coaching Process (FCP) and The Whole of Football Plan (WOFP) are great documents and have provided the football public with frameworks and information as well as some direction where there was previously a lack thereof.

However what these documents lack is the detail that is needed at the grassroots level. Having been involved at all levels of the game both in Australia and overseas for this period, clubs and stakeholders need to be asking the right questions of the FFA.

For example:

  • what are the foci of FFA and State Federations – the 1% or the 99% and how are the programs deemed successful or not?
  • Are schools being encouraged to work with clubs/federations to create a better technical players or is the focus still on school competitions and winning the next trophy/tournament?
  • What are the requirements for a player to be selected as part of the National Training Centre/Skilleroos/A-League Youth teams?
  • Why is information regarding the development of young footballers held by federations (National & State) like trade secrets when coaches and clubs are trying to improve these footballers for these programs?
  • How successful has the implementation of the NC, Skill Acquisition Programs and coaching courses been across each of the states?
  • Have club teams across the country improved their ability to play out of the back under pressure into attacking situations?
  • What happened the Club Rating systems that were meant to rate clubs on their youth development programs

These questions and many more are left unanswered and until specific KPI’s, goals and objectives are introduced for National Teams, Federations and clubs in an open & transparent manner, that provides and parents with objective information in regards to the best avenue for their son or daughter, there will be the continued treading of water in this area, in an international environment where the second tier Asian nations are now comfortably outplaying our youth National teams.

The purpose of this post is not to shout for an overhaul or look to bring in the latest Portuguese coaching program, but instead to look at how through effective questioning we can improve our current programs in a highly competitive environment.

About Us

  • High quality administrative capabilities.
  • Elite level session planning designing that caters to the Australian Footballing demographic.
  • FFA Licence tutoring that pertains to the National Curriculum and helping coaches understand the coaching process.
  • Creating a better footballing environment using your club’s existing resources.
  • Assess the environment, provide an action plan, regularly monitor and evaluate progress of plan, provide evidence of success of plan against agreed KPI’s.
  • Establish a meeting to asses problems.
  • Intensive coach and player development

    Improving coaches in their environment and assisting them to improve practically by providing feedback to the club on the quality of coaching and player development programs.

  • Critical and unbiased examination

    Provide an all-round high performance environment, tailored to the specific need and resources available to the club.

  • High quality problem solving

    Having the necessary experience to problem solve in football specific conditions.

  • Short-term fix, long-term stability

    Creation of programs to fix problems with immediate effect and provide a long-term sustainable solution.